Just Q&As

You may have some questions about Just, so we’ve put together some handy Q&As:


Q) Why is Just the new name for Partnership and Just Retirement?

A) When you consider the strengths, heritage and vision of both businesses, the new name makes sense. We have always done things differently and we feel that we're a beacon of good practice in financial services. We're an honest, moral and upright company with a strong social purpose that believes everyone deserves a fair, secure and fulfilling retirement.

Q) How will the Just brand be introduced? What do I need to tell my clients?

A) Partnership and Just Retirement will transition to Just over several months. During the changeover, you and your clients may see or receive information in the new Just name or legacy Just Retirement or Partnership names. We’ll keep you fully informed of any changes that may affect you or your clients. Please contact us if you (or your client) have any concerns.

Q) Which products will be rebranded under Just?

A) All of our retail products (guaranteed income for life provided by a Pension Annuity, Fixed Term Annuity, Purchased Life Annuity, Lifetime Mortgage, Care and Protection plans) as well as our Defined Benefit De-risking offering will be rebranded under Just.

Q) When will this happen?

A) For practical and logistical reasons, it was decided to phase the introduction of the Just brand across our product lines during 2017.

Q) Will this change who I am dealing with? What about contact details?

A) The new brand won’t have any impact on who you contact on a day-to-day basis. Our personal and support email addresses will change to @wearejust.co.uk. Please don’t worry if you forget as emails to old email addresses will still be forwarded on automatically. However we recommend you update your contact list. All telephone numbers remain the same and if there are any changes in future, we'll publish the new details.

Q) What does this mean for any agreements (including agency agreements / Terms of Business) that exist between our respective firms?

A) The rebrand won’t have any impact on any agreements or contracts that we have in place.

Q) Should I dispose of all the literature I have from Just Retirement and Partnership?

A) No, please continue to use the ones that you currently have from us. We'll be updating literature as we roll out the rebrand and will keep you fully informed of any changes you may need to make.

Q) Have the terms and conditions of my client’s policy/s changed in any way?

A) No, the terms and conditions of their policy remain the same.