Life Assurance Product Withdrawal

Since the merger of Partnership and Just Retirement we've been reviewing the demand and cost of maintaining market presence of our propositions as we continue to establish the Just brand.

As a result, regretfully we are withdrawing Life Assurance to new business.

Important dates for Life Assurance product withdrawal:

29 September 2017 Last day open for new illustrations/quick quotes
30 October 2017 Last day for receiving applications


Applications received after this date will be returned.

Applications that are received by 30 October 2017 will be fully underwritten. We expect to make final decisions (either offering terms or confirming that we are unable to offer terms) on all pipeline applications by 24 January 2018. Although this appears to be a somewhat prolonged period, it reflects the time that often elapses as medical evidence is sought and evaluated.

Applicants will then have 30 days to accept any terms offered, making the final date of doing so the 23 February 2018.

Unfortunately we will no longer be able to offer illustrations for healthy (standard) lives from 11 September.

Existing Life Assurance policies in payment will be unaffected by the product withdrawal.

If you are considering recommending Life Assurance to clients over the next few weeks, or have queries about transition arrangements, please contact our Support team on 0333 043 7040 or email