Life Assurance

Life cover can be crucial for a number of reasons - to support a residential mortgage, for business or inheritance tax planning (IHT) purposes or simply to have financial peace of mind.

Life assurance becomes even more important if you have a medical condition. Our experience of underwriting impaired lives means we can provide cover for some of those people with medical conditions who may previously have been considered uninsurable. 

Level/Decreasing Term Assurance

Term Assurance is a life assurance policy that runs for a specified period of time

Business Protection Plans

We offer two protection products that can help you and your clients

Family Income Benefit

Our Family Income Benefit can offer financial peace of mind

Gift Inter Vivos

This special type of term assurance is designed to cover IHT on a potentially exempt transfer

Whole Of Life Insurance

Whole of life insurance is a policy that guarantees to pay out whenever your client dies

Trust Planning

Supporting your financial planning process

What conditions do we cover?

Providing you with details regarding the conditions we are able to consider

Underwriting Case Studies

Our expert underwriters will assess every case and often offer valuable cover for people considered 'uninsurable' by others

Application Process

We aim to provide you with a fast and effective service for our range of protection products