Underwriting Case Studies

Our expert underwriters will assess every case and will very often offer valuable cover for people who are considered ‘uninsurable’ by other standard providers. In addition, our extensive experience in the specialist field of medical underwriting allows us to quickly assess any initial pre-sales enquiry about the potential cost and provide an indication of this within a few days.

We understand that there will be times when your client may have a strict budget. On these occasions we can offer an Illustration based upon affordability matching their budget to a lower sum and term.

Finding the right product to suit your client's circumstances is essential to treating them fairly. As a provider, for protection products, we generally don’t look to offer terms to healthy clients or those with mild health conditions.

Detailed below are examples of a mild to moderate, moderate and severe case.

On the very severe cases, we may have to reduce the policy term. However, it does at least mean that your client will have the assurance of some cover when they need it most.

Underwriting case studies

Mild to Moderate Moderate to Severe Severe
Male - Aged 32 Female - Aged 28  Male - Aged 46 
Decreasing Term Assurance Level Term Assurance Level Term Assurance
Policy Term - 33 years Policy Term - 20 years Policy Term - 18 years
Sum Assured - £177,000 Sum Assured - £100,000 Sum Assured - £130,000
Final Loading - 125% Final Loading - 250% Final Loading - 350%
Non-smoker Non-smoker Non-smoker
Non Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer with relapse, in remission for approximately ten years Complex Mental Health history with attempted suicide High Body Mass Index 48, high blood pressure stabilised on treatment, history of anxiety and some abnormal blood readings

*Our quoted and accepted policies from August 2017.