Whole of Life Insurance

We offer a simple guaranteed whole of life plan. Premiums and the level of cover are guaranteed for the rest of your client's life. The Whole of Life Plan can be used for Inheritance Tax (IHT) planning covering some or all of the potential tax liability on your client's death for both healthy and impaired lives.

Premiums are payable until your client dies, after which their estate or beneficiaries will receive a lump sum payment from the policy.

The sum assured remains the same throughout the policy.

Please note: for regular premium policies, cover will cease if your client stops paying the premiums.

Terminal Illness Option

All Whole of Life Insurance policies come with the additional option to include terminal illness cover. This will pay out a guaranteed tax-free lump sum to the value of the sum assured if your client is diagnosed with a medical condition which is expected to cause death within 12 months where the diagnosis is agreed by our Chief Medical Officer.

For term policies, the diagnosis must be made whilst there are more than 18 months before the policy expiration date for the claim to be valid.

Please note, the Terminal Illness option incurs an additional 1% charge.