Personalised underwriting - a fairer way

No two people are the same, so why should we treat them the same way?

At Just, we can help you create a personalised income that is tailored to the needs of your individual clients. This means we take into account many factors.

Our research suggests that only 38% of advisers complete a Retirement Health and Lifestyle Form (RHF) in every case. This implies that your clients may not always get the best rate.

Here’s a simple set of questions to help you decide if you need to complete a RHF:


1) Smoking

Are you currently a regular daily smoker, or have you been in the last five years? 


2) Medication

Are you currently taking daily prescribed medication for a diagnosed medical condition? 


3) Hospitalisation

Have you ever received hospital treatment for a diagnosed medical condition?


4) Height and weight

Does your height to weight ration put you in the 'tick' zone?
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5) Alcohol

Do you regularly drink alcohol on a weekly basis?