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Retirement Income
Freedom, choice and certainty (1312571)
Much has been said about the expected level of sustainable income from a pension fund. Some would say that with a pension fund of £100,000, 4% of the initial investment is a 'rule of thumb' withdrawal that could be made every year. But how realistic is this?
Let's get personal with Bob and Sandra (1312568)
When we look at the potential for a GIfL via and annuity, we often talk about 'qualification' for a rate. This may conjure up the idea that only people with more severe conditions might receive a higher income than standard.
Does it always pay to delay? (1311494)
Is '65' the new '70'? The retirement landscape is shifting and that's brought a degree of uncertainty with it. That's why many clients are choosing to defer using their pension pot to buy a guaranteed income for life solution (GIfL).
Download Non-underwritten vs personalised underwritten rates (1312586)
Personalised underwriting can make a huge difference to the amount of income available. By personalising your client's GIfL with underwriting, there's a chance you can increase the amount of income they receive.
Download Lifestyle factors - Everyone has them (1312576)
The word 'lifestyle' conjures up different ideas for different people. So, how does the lifestyle of someone reaching retirement make a difference to their potential income? 
Annual allowance factsheet (1481140)
Our guide to changes to the annual allowance and key things you will need to consider if accessing your pension flexibly.

Download 'Small' factors make a big difference (1312575)
It's no longer about 'qualifying' for a personal rate. Now everyone has the right to get their own personalised rate, no matter what their lifestyle factors are.
Download Pensions - Lifetime income or legacy (or both)? (1312569)
Many people taking income from drawdown arrangements have witnessed a volatile stock market over recent years.
Download How the power of underwriting can save 17% in capital (1312296)
Generating an income in retirement that is sustainable is a challenge facing many of today's retirees.
Download Locking in gains (1312295)
So how can your clients lock in their investment gains whilst getting a better return than from an ordinary cash account?
Download Why online quotes could be bad for your client’s health (1311783)
When requesting quotes through an online portal, there may be times when you don’t have all of your client’s health and lifestyle information to hand. But should you just click ‘don’t know’?
Blending: Case study (1312561)
Trying to find the ideal retirement solution can be difficult; people tend to choose between investing in drawdown, or a guaranteed income for life (GIfL) provided by an annuity. Both options have advantages and disadvantages.
The value of secure income (1311885)
Want a secure income that's guaranteed to last for the rest of your life?
Drawdown triage letter and questionnaire (1311781) 
Letter and questionnaire to use with your clients when reviewing their income drawdown needs.
Download Getting your clients the best guaranteed income for life (15655)
Are you really getting the best rate - or do you need to dig deeper?
Download Drawdown process review (1311558)
How robust and well documented is your income drawdown process?
Drawdown question set (1031655)
Do you qualify for an enhanced annuity rate?
Minimum income requirement (1312587)
Bread today, jam tomorrow? Have you thought about your potential income in retirement?
Building blocks of retirement income (1031999)
Building a personalised retirement income on solid foundations.
Download Zero income drawdown triage letter and questionnaire
Letter and questionnaire to use with your clients when reviewing their income drawdown plans.
Mortality cross-subsidy and mortality drag (1312549)
Our sales aid helps explain mortality cross-subsidy and mortality drag to your clients.


Lifetime Mortgages

The alternatives to equity release (1311760)
A useful customer guide looking at the main alternatives to ER.


Building equity release into the financial planning process (1311790)
A guide to different scenarios where ER could be considered.

Top 10 tips when considering ER (1311788)
A useful guide when considering equity release.

White label equity release checklist (1311651)
A white label equity release checklist for use with customers.