We believe everyone deserves a fair, secure and fulfilling retirement, and that financial intermediaries are best placed to help people with the choices they need to make to achieve this.

Yet retirement planning is undoubtedly more complex than it used to be and achieving truly personalised advice is becoming more challenging.

Pension freedoms, available since 2015, have given clients flexibility in how to access their pension benefits to help meet the demands of modern retirement. However welcome and appropriate for many the new freedoms are, they also represent a huge transfer of risk as more people are taking on investment risk pre- and in-retirement.

The transfer of risk isn’t just to the client. Advisory businesses are having to modernise the way advice is delivered to manage the regulatory risks introduced as a result of Pension Freedom and Choice. The FCA is also treating governance and consumer vulnerability as priorities, with use of supervision to ensure firms’ management keep appropriate culture as a top priority. The risks don’t just impact firm leaders, but individual advisers and officers responsible for compliance too.

Let's rethink retirement together

Naturally, culture, behaviours and effective governance within advisory businesses are the keys to creating frameworks where modern financial planning can help clients achieve good outcomes no matter what stage of the retirement journey they’re at.

As a retirement specialist, we’re here to help with best-in-class foundations products and a reputation for excellent service and support. This includes insight and resources that not only bring the retirement journey to life but also help ensure both client needs and firms are protected through industry and regulatory change on helping an ageing population.

Let’s rethink retirement together:

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