Marketing guides

Designed to help you quickly navigate the essential requirements of marketing as you cost-effectively promote and grow your business. Our guides offer an opportunity to refresh your knowledge on the fundamental principles, from emails to postal communications and even creating your own advertising.

Tips to help you grow your equity release business (14803) For intermediaries looking to develop a focussed approach towards expanding their equity release business.
Running your own retirement seminar (14804)
For intermediaries who want to increase their face-to-face exposure in the market and become a go-to figure in a community.
Tips to help you generate more enquiries from direct mail (14805) For intermediaries looking to execute or improve campaigns by mail, following three simple rules - targeting, testing and timing.
Effective email marketing (14786) For intermediaries who want to build email lists, send their first email campaign or simply improve upon existing practice.
Driving conversations through social media (14787) For intermediaries interested in beginning or improving their social media conversations with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc.
Getting your voice heard with PR (14807) For intermediaries who want to get their name in front of a wider audience through a range of positive activities and learn the value of PR in developing client relationships.
Raising your profile through advertising (14788) For intermediaries looking to develop their advertisement strategy, strengthen their calls to action and increase the effectiveness of ad design.
Developing strong relationships (14789) For intermediaries who wish to strengthen their relationship skillset and integrate communications to become more noticeable and memorable
Marketing your 'at retirement' proposition (14802) For intermediaries looking to improve their business through an existing or new marketing campaign
Driving more business from your website (14806) For intermediaries looking to increase their website presence through marketing and website visibility