Life Assurance literature


Find out more about our Life Assurance, provided by Partnership, and how your clients could use it.

On this page we have a variety of brochures, key features documents, quote request & application forms and trust documentation

Documents marked with this icon can be used directly with customers.  

  Relevant Life Policy and Trust Adviser and Employer Guide (PRO2167)
  Protection For Unhealthy Lives Adviser Guide (PRO2742)
  Business Protection Planning Guide (PRO2164)
  Discretionary Gift Trust Adviser Guide (PRO2168)
  Bare Gift Trust Adviser Guide (PRO2166)


Key Features Documents
  Relevant Life Plan KFD (PRO1865)
  Family Income Benefit KFD (PRO1558)
  Business Protection Assurance KFD (PRO2500)
  Decreasing Term Assurance KFD (PRO1560)
  Level Term Assurance KFD (PRO1559)
  Gift Inter Vivos Policy KFD (PRO1557)
  Whole of Life Policy KFD (PRO1556)


Quote request and application forms
  Protection Products App (PRO2206)
  Protection Illustration Request Form (PRO2209)
  Draft Cross Option Agreement Application Form (PRO2212)
  Bare Gift Trust Private Estate Planning Form (PRO2204)
  Discretionary Gift Trust Private Estate Planning Form (PRO2205)
  Flexible Business Trust Form (PRO2208)
  Deed of Appointment Protection App Form (PRO2265)


Trust Documentation
  Discretionary Trust Relevant Life Policy Form (PRO2207)
  Relevant Life Policy Trust Expression of Wishes Form (PRO2211)


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