Just Group plc

Just Group plc is a FTSE-listed specialist UK financial services company and is a leader in the individual retirement income and the defined benefit de-risking market.

Just Group has helped close to 600,000 customers to achieve an improved retirement, has been trusted to manage around £18 billion of customers retirement savings.

Just Group provides a wide range of products, advice and professional services to individual customers, financial intermediaries, corporate clients and pension scheme trustees.

Unrivalled underwriting expertise

Developed through the use of its specialist underwriting systems, PrognoSysTM and CUE, proprietary underwriting manuals and has over 2.8 million person years of mortality experience for GIfL (individual annuity) business, Just Group boasts unrivalled intellectual property (IP) which provides it with competitive advantage in the markets in which it operates. We utilise this IP, alongside a capital efficient business model, to develop products and services to provide customers with better outcomes and to drive profitable growth.

Our scalable and responsive operating systems allow us to provide automated underwriting for the vast majority of cases, giving financial intermediaries confidence that they can rapidly get real-time guaranteed prices for their clients. 

Robust approach to finance and risk management

We have a conservative, well-balanced and robust approach to finance and risk management, with reinsurers taking much of the longevity risk for new business generated from our Defined Benefit De-risking products (DB) and our individual customer solutions that provide customers with a guaranteed income for life (GIfL). Our reserving approach is informed by our specialist underwriting systems and fully developed mortality curves.

For further information

For further information about Just Group plc, please visit the Just Group website.