With more choices than ever before, clients have a plethora of decisions to make about how and when to finance their retirement.

That's why we have developed a range of useful tools and calculators that can help support you and your clients as you advise them, throughout their retirement journey.

The results produced by the tools are indicative only.

Interest Serviced Calculator

Could your clients benefit from making monthly payments with a reduction to the roll-up interest rate?

Indicative lifetimE MORTGAGE TOOL

Details of the amount clients may be able to release from their property using a lifetime mortgage.


Providing you with an indication of the loan amount and cash facility available to your client.

Medical enhancement calculator

Gives your client an indication of the loan amount available, taking their health and lifestyle into consideration. 

Personal taxation TOOL

The potential tax liability of releasing cash lump sums from your client's pension.

Longevity calculator

How long might your client live (and therefore need an income) for?

Retirement Budget planner

A handy tool to help demonstrate client income and expenditure (and any gaps).

Drawdown risk calculator

Model the probability that your client will run out of money while still alive.

Sustainable Withdrawal Rate Calculator

Could partial annuitisation improve your client’s income sustainability and death benefits?

Critical yield calculators

Calculate a more accurate critical yield for your client.

Pension deferral calculator

What impact could a delay in purchasing a Guaranteed Income for Life (GIfL) solution have?

Quick income builder

Overlay all of your client's income sources in one view – how does this affect their retirement plans?

Early repayment charge tool

Find out how much your client's early repayment charge could be.