What qualifies?

'Enhanced until proven standard...' The quick rule of thumb should be that it is worth assuming that everyone will qualify for an enhancement to their guaranteed income for life (GIfL) unless, through the fact-finding process, it can be proven otherwise.

Through our expertise we've provided underwritten GIfL solutions to tens of thousands of clients, who in turn have collectively benefited from underwriting on more than 1,500 medical conditions, either alone or in combination with added lifestyle qualifying conditions.

We believe that everyone should benefit from being individually underwritten, in order to achieve a personalised income that is tailored to their circumstances.

Our top five tips that may help raise your chances of being able to deliver an enhanced GIfL outcome for your client:

  1. Explain the importance of assessing health and lifestyle.
  2. Always assume they qualify until proven otherwise, filling out a Retirement Health Form without leaving any unanswered questions.
  3. Look for positive indicators.
  4. Investigate further.
  5. Seek certainty – don't leave things as 'unknown'.

For further information on some of the medical conditions, take a look at our glossary of medical terms.