Accepting Quotes

Once you have received our quote, and your client is happy to purchase our Care Plan, they should sign the Acceptance section of the relevant quote.

This should be returned to us, along with payment and the following documents:

  • Signed Adviser Charge Facilitation Agreement (section E of the CFPQ)
  • Signed Care Provider Declaration
  • Anti-Money Laundering VOI certificates on all parties
  • Appropriate Powers of Attorney
  • Adviser Terms of Business Agreement (required for the first case you submit only) 

Once the policy has been set up, we will issue the policy documents along with a cancellation notice and key features document to the annuitant with a copy to you. Confirmation of the payment details are also sent to the annuitant’s registered care provider. 

The policy start date will normally be the final date that all funds and completed documentation are received.