Guaranteed Income for Life solution

Our guaranteed income for life solution (GIfL), provided by a pension annuity, offers your clients a guaranteed and stable income in retirement – giving them the peace of mind that their income has been secured for life.

And for those clients who are looking for a greater level of flexibility in their retirement income solution, a GIfL can be used alongside a 'rainy day' savings pot (such as an investment fund) creating a blended solution. This way they can have both a secure foundation, and the flexibility to meet those unexpected financial demands in the future.

Whatever your client's future holds, you can help them to be ready for it with our GIfL solution.

How it works

The features and benefits of our GIfL solution

Tax-free lump sum

Taking a tax-free lump sum from pension savings

Timing & frequency

When and how to take income from our GIfL solution

Dependant's pension

Taking a dependant's pension with our GIfL solution

Guarantee period

How our guarantee period ensures your client or their beneficiaries will receive a certain amount of income


When selecting dependants pension and guarantee periods

Value protection

Giving capital protection with our GIfL solution


Income escalation options available with our GIfL solution

Facilitating adviser charges

How we can facilitate adviser charges for our GIfL solution

Product literature

Useful documents for you and your clients. 

Sales aids

Information to help both you and your clients.