Average GIfL Rates

Sustainable Income is Achievable

A personalised Guaranteed Income for Life (GIfL), provided by an annuity, offers a sustainable, competitive rate of retirement income, whilst removing the risk of running out of money.

Below are a range of example rates* (averaged between July 2018 to December 2018), for someone who is healthy, also a person with a common lifestyle condition and lastly someone with a more severe health issue.

  Healthy Respiratory Diabetes (Type 2)
65 4.98% 5.64% 6.18%
70 5.40% 6.09% 6.83%
75 5.63% 6.24% 7.15%

When compared to cash and bonds, a GIfL can provide higher rates of income, and compared to equities, removes volatility and longevity risk, and delivers certainty.

If your client needs to draw an income from their retirement investment portfolio, and is concerned about sustainability, then a personalised GIfL could be the answer.

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*Based on an individual with a fund value of £100,000. An annuity being payable monthly in advance, no dependant’s pension, no escalation, 10 year guarantee period, no value protection. Rates taken from Just, and cover July 2018 to December 2018.

Healthy Life - post code only. 
Respiratory – Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, diagnosed 13 years ago, lung function minimally impaired, hospitalised 2 years ago, takes one medication.
Diabetes - Diabetes Type 2, diagnosed circa 9 years ago, 1 medication taken daily, HBAC1 readings provided, monitors blood glucose levels once a day.