How our Guaranteed Income for Life Solution works

Provided by a pension annuity, our Guaranteed Income for Life (GIfL) solution offers your client security and stability for the remainder of their life. This is achieved by using some, or all, of their pension fund to create a regular, guaranteed income.

Most importantly, it can be tailored to meet the individual needs of your client. From ensuring that loved ones are catered for after the client's death, to making sure the income keeps pace with inflation, there's flexibility to be found.

And our solution goes further still: we use our unparalleled underwriting expertise and research to incorporate your client's health and lifestyle factors for a truly personal quote. Considering over 1,500 conditions alone or in combination, this unique approach means your clients could get more income per year, for life.

Calculating your client's income

The amount received from a provider will depend on a combination of factors, which could include:

What difference does underwriting make?

By taking advantage of our expertise in underwriting, your client could get more income every year, for the rest of their life. They may have a condition that seems relatively minor, or that they successfully manage on a day to day basis – and it could all have an impact. Conditions that could result in a higher income through the application of underwriting include:

  • Many common medical conditions such as asthma and diabetes, as well as lifestyle factors such as smoking, weight gain and alcohol consumption.
  • More serious illnesses and conditions including cancers, heart related conditions, kidney failure, multiple sclerosis, strokes and neurological conditions.

Compared to the lowest standard solution, it could mean potential increases of up to 15%1 for minor conditions, up to 20%2 for moderate conditions and up to 30%3 for serious medical conditions, sometimes even higher.*

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What options can be used to tailor your client's GIfL?

Your clients can tailor their GIfL solution with features such as:

Find out what funds your client can use to purchase a GIfL, and more about how you can help your client, with our Guaranteed Income for Life Solution Factsheet.

Getting quotes for your client

To suit the way you work, we offer a range of ways to get a quote: you can download a quotation form to request an illustration for your client, find us on all the major financial intermediary quote portals, or you can call our sales support team.



Requesting and receiving fully underwritten quotes online can save you process time and is not restricted by typical working hours. When requesting a quote through a portal, it's important to answer every relevant question, as answering 'don't know' could affect the quotes you receive back.

Direct with Us

Contact our dedicated sales support team on 0345 302 2287 and we will aim to provide you with fully underwritten quotes over the phone.

Alternatively you can fax us on 0345 301 2287 or email

1 Based on an individual who is 5' 7" tall, weighing 15st 13lbs.
2 Based on a diabetes type 2, diagnosed 4.5 years ago, supplied HbA1c readings, takes 1 med daily, 23 units of alcohol weekly.
3 Based on an individual with Parkinson's Disease, diagnosed nine years ago, hospitalised one year ago, takes 1 med daily, high blood pressure treated with 1 med daily, and high cholesterol treated with 1 med daily.

* Illustrations based on an individual aged 65 with a £50,000 pension fund, five-year guarantee, monthly in advance, no escalation, no value protection, no dependant's pension, based on RH2 7RT postcode. A facilitated adviser charge of 2% has been assumed. Rates compared to the lowest standard annuity rate offered via The Exchange from Iress on 06.09.2017.