Pension Annuity

Our pension annuity is designed to provide your clients with a guaranteed income for life which is not affected by any future changes in interest rates or stock market values. It also offers a range of options that help them provide for their loved ones after they die and protect the value of their pension savings.

Tax-free lump sum

Taking a tax-free lump sum from pension savings.

Timing & frequency

When and how to take income from our pension annuity.

Dependant's pension

Taking a dependant's pension with our pension annuity.

Guarantee period

How our guarantee period ensures your client or their beneficiaries will receive a certain amount of income.


When selecting dependant's pension and guarantee periods.

Value protection

Giving capital protection with our pension annuity.


Income escalation options available with our pension annuity.

Facilitating adviser charges

How we can facilitate adviser charges for our pension annuity.

Product literature

Useful documents for you and your clients. 

Sales aids

Information to help both you and your clients.