Secure Lifetime is an innovative solution which can help you to optimise your clients’ drawdown investment portfolios. Watch our Secure Lifetime Income webinar recording to discover how Secure Lifetime Income can complete your investment proposition:

  • Secure Lifetime Income provides longevity protection for clients in a SIPP
  • It provides new options to sustain a client’s income and adjust the bond and equity mix of the drawdown investment portfolio
  • Secure Lifetime Income sits inside a SIPP which gives you complete control to minimise your clients' tax liabilities
  • Sitting in a SIPP, on platform, Secure Lifetime Income makes doing business easy because it’s aligned to how advisers run their businesses in today’s technology-enabled market
  • Including Secure Lifetime Income in your firm’s Centralised Retirement Proposition will help ensure the proposition is fit for purpose ahead of the FCA’s Assessing Suitability Review II investigation



NEW ERA: Evolving Retirement Advice 

The Secure Lifetime Income webinar recording is one of a new series. With a host of expert guests, the NEW ERA series will give you in-depth insight to help you review and evolve your firm’s retirement advice propositionFind out more.


We’ve been working with the Personal Finance Society to explore the benefits of our innovative solution, Secure Lifetime Income.