Changes to valuations and lending criteria during the coronavirus pandemic

Recent government announcements mean that, since 18 May, we’re able to recommence full internal physical inspections for properties in England. Please see our Acceptable Properties Guide for Full Valuations.

Where it’s not possible to carry out physical property inspections, we can continue to help meet customers' needs by using an alternative method. We can value properties using a remote desktop approach and to enable us to adopt this, we've made some changes to our standard lending criteria. Please see our Acceptable Properties Guide for Desktop Valuations.

Existing Customers

Where a customer has an application on hold with Just due to being outside of our desktop criteria, we'll be booking appointments for a physical inspection for properties in England starting on 18 May.

Additional Customer Questionnaire

In support of the desktop valuation we will require the completion of an Additional Property Questionnaire and provision of supporting internal photos as explained in the questionnaire.