Valuations and lending criteria during the coronavirus pandemic

We recommenced physical inspections in all regions of the UK from 29 June. Please see our Acceptable Properties Guide for Full Valuations.

Where a physical property inspection isn't possible, we can continue to help meet customers' needs using an alternative method. Cases can be referred for individual consideration to confirm suitability for remote desktop valuation, please see our Acceptable Properties Guide for Desktop Valuations. A desktop valuation may also include a physical external inspection of the property, therefore an appointment may still be booked with the customer.

The following criteria will apply to the loan if an application is accepted on desktop valuation:

  • For J3, J4 and J5 LTV series, a 5% reduction to the property valuation will apply (desktop valuations are not available for the J6 LTV series)
  • A full physical valuation will be required in the future (at Just expense)

Local Lockdown Restrictions

Where the UK or Local Government announces that a location must extend or impose a lockdown, and surveyors are no longer allowed to enter people’s homes, our surveyors will suspend internal physical property inspections in that location with immediate effect, until further notice.

Currently, there are no areas where surveyor services are suspended.


Additional Property Questionnaire

In support of the desktop valuation we'll require the completion of an Additional Property Questionnaire and provision of supporting internal photos as explained in the questionnaire.

Physical Inspections Explained

We understand that some customers may be uncertain about the safety of internal property surveys during the coronavirus pandemic. To help reassure them, please refer to this Helpful Information document and a short video from Countrywide to explain the process.