All you need to create a robust retirement advice proposition

Our New ERA webinar series reviews the main elements of the advice process, both at and during retirement. With the help of independent experts, the series will help you help your clients meet their objectives, and you to protect your business. The retirement market is increasingly a regulatory hotspot, and this series explains the key elements of an evidence-based approach that will help you to meet FCA requirements.

There are seven webinars in the series and each webinar qualifies for CPD:

Introduction and advice principles

Retirement advice is a major regulatory focus, and the FCA’s Assessing Suitability Review 2 will investigate this area in greater detail. With contributions from compliance experts, Rory Percival and James Dingwall, together with Money Alive CEO, Andy Kirby, we introduce the key advice principles that underpin sound retirement planning. 

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Capacity for loss and spending hierarchy

Essential expenses are more than just ‘heating and eating’. They’re about maintaining a client’s quality of life in retirement. In this webinar, Just’s Business Development Director, Martin Lines, and independent compliance expert, Rory Percival, look at structuring income needs together with assessing capacity for loss. 

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Approaches to producing the income 

With input from compliance expert, Rory Percival, this webinar looks at strategies to produce income in retirement. We cover the risks clients face and how these can be managed, and reconcile the often-conflicting need many clients have for security and flexibility in retirement.

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Stress testing and scenario planning

Cashflow modelling is an important part of developing a retirement plan. It highlights current income and spending needs, and helps clients visualise the future. It can also overcome the behavioural influences that could inhibit effective decision-making. This webinar considers all this and the different types of cashflow models available. 

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Withdrawal policies

This webinar examines the purpose of the Withdrawal Policy Statement and, together with independent consultant David Elliott, introduces the concept of a retirement ‘satnav’. We also explore the role of non-pension assets and their tax treatment, and discuss financial resilience and how this differs from capacity for loss. 

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The review process 

It’s crucial that advice processes consider a clients’ current and future requirements. We break down the review process into five key elements: income, wealth, health, later life and estate. We then look at how a review process should work, starting with a pre-review to capture changes, before moving through four distinct stages.    

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Secure Lifetime Income

This webinar introduces our ground-breaking retirement income solution enables you to offer clients guaranteed income for life within a SIPP, where you do business - on platform. It shows how Secure Lifetime Income works within a SIPP, and how incorporating it within a retirement income proposition can significantly improve customer outcomes.

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