Matt Pheasey, Director of Intermediated Distribution, introduces Bias Insight and Action


Behavioural economics is attracting more attention in financial services and beyond. One in three financial advisers has already integrated behavioural economics into their advice process, and many more are considering it. 

Our latest initiative aims to help you not just understand behavioural economics, but actually use it to deliver better customer outcomes. Called Bias Insight and Action, it shows how behavioural biases could impact a typical advice process in almost 50 ways, and suggests actions to help you overcome them.

Bias Insight and Actions is practical, informative and easy to use, it’s supported by a quiz and insightful articles to really help you demystify and apply behavioural economics. 


Overcome the biases in your advice process

We've identified almost 50 instances where behavioural biases can impact a retirement advice process. Bias Insight and Action shows where they can arise and how you can counter them.

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