The start of something new

Retirement has changed significantly over the years. Increasingly, people are retiring in stages and often retirement still includes working in some capacity.  It’s also much longer than ever before. Most people can look forward to spending 20-30 years in retirement and a lot can change over this period.  

What’s more, the financial choices and decisions people face are more complicated now.

This means it’s more important that people make the right decisions at the outset of retirement and review these regularly as their circumstances change throughout retirement.

Let's get personal - early years retirement
Personal service is something we all appreciate. With our own unique aspirations and perspectives on life, our own quirks and foibles, we value being treated as intelligent individuals.

Personalised Underwriting - 'Old thinking' vs 'New thinking'
No two people are the same, so why treat them the same way? 


Retirement hierarchy of needs
Understand your clients’ income needs in retirement and how to align different types of income with specific expenditure.

The importance of guaranteed income
A guaranteed income isn't the right answer for everyone, but there are strong reasons to consider this as the bedrock of your clients' retirement portfolio.

Protecting loved ones
Pension freedoms’ introduced much greater choice and flexibility over what happens on death.
  Personalised approach to underwriting
It’s more important than ever to make sure your clients are personally underwritten  - it can make a material difference to their income.   

Health questions
Underwriting is becoming more personal. A single health question is no longer enough to screen clients. Take a look at our 5 key questions.

Equity release
Equity release can play an important role at each stage of retirement and is becoming increasingly popular with retirees.

Vulnerable clients
It’s important to identify vulnerable clients and develop processes to protect and safeguard their interests.  

Video: Early retirement (external website)
We look at reviewing the proposition process to ensure both the client and firm are properly protected.