The later years

Later life introduces new challenges for retirees. The spectre of care costs loom large. There is also the possibility that pension funds may be close to exhaustion. Fortunately, there are solutions. Equity release can help sustain income later in life and immediate needs annuities can provide a tax efficient method of funding care costs.

Take care - advice for later life
It's good news that we're living longer, but who pays when we need help with the simple tasks of everyday life?

NEW: Protecting vulnerable people
Advisory firms will have processes in place that will guide people towards effective solutions, but do they work for everyone? Can they accomodate people who are vulnerable in some way?


Clients at 85
What are the challenges your clients face in later life financially, emotionally and socially?

Retirement hierarchy of needs
Understand your clients’ income needs in retirement and how to align different types of income with specific expenditure.

Equity release
Equity release can play an important role at each stage of retirement and is becoming increasingly popular with retirees.

Vulnerable clients
It’s important to identify vulnerable clients and develop processes to protect and safeguard their interests.

Video: Later life and care planning (external website)
Our later retirement video examines the changes to health and longevity for the elderly and how regulated financial advice can make a difference.