Vulnerable clients

It’s more important than ever to identify vulnerable clients and have processes in place to deal with their vulnerability. It’s not always obvious when someone is vulnerable - vulnerability can take many forms.

Our Akademia presentation covers the different types of vulnerability and how to recognise and deal with vulnerable clients - you can watch it here >

Video: Working with vulnerable clients
Discover the issues that arise when consumers find themselves in vulnerable circumstances. This video looks into what process are needed when working with vulnerable clients and the impact of framing on decisions.

Vulnerable clients
It’s important to identify vulnerable clients and develop processes to protect and safeguard their interests.

Retirement hierarchy of needs
Understand your clients’ income needs in retirement and how to align different types of income with specific expenditure.

Patterns of expenditure

Over the course of retirement income needs are likely to change.

Equity release
Equity release can play an important role at each stage of retirement and is becoming increasingly popular with retirees.