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From breakdowns of the latest regulatory changes to overviews of UK demographics, our articles, bulletins and views include a variety of different levels of information so that you can stay ahead of the market.

THINK articles – our thought leadership articles are often thought provoking, creating an alternative view or angle on what may be an existing line of discussion.

Technical bulletins - explore some of the finer details around the at and in retirement market space, examining the pros and cons of different product and legislative features.

House Views – discover the essence of our beliefs – our commentary on what's happening in both our immediate and the wider market place, and what we believe should happen next.

General Articles - All articles are correct as at the date of publication. 

THINK reports
NEW Think report - A place for guaranteed income in an invested world Aug 2018
Think report - Defining and evidencing sustainable withdrawal rates July 2018
De-risking retirement income strategies June 2018
The past can future proof your advice process January 2018
Why the past is a reliable guide to the future September 2017


Technical bulletins
Extended guarantee periods vs value protection August 2018
How to identify vulnerable clients May 2016
Critical Yield March 2016
Longevity in focus October 2015


House views
Longevity and long term care funding May 2017
Social care funding crisis March 2017


General Articles
  Biases to be aware of when presenting recommendations  February 2018
Ever been caught by the peril of too many options? February 2018
  Overcoming negative influences in objective setting February 2018
Integrating behavioural economics into your advice process –
Initial discussion
January 2018
Money Purchase Annual Allowance guide January 2018
Defining a vulnerable client April 2017