A new era for Retirement Income Advice

Introducing a brand new webinar series with a host of expert guests, giving you in-depth knowledge and insight to key retirement advice principles.

In these sessions, we’ll share six key steps in the advice process. They represent the main areas that can help you to demonstrate that your clients’ needs, goals and aspirations have been clearly planned for. And we’ll take into account all of the various scenarios and risks that are associated with the retirement journey.

There’s also the option to learn about Secure Lifetime Income - the future for clients seeking an element of secure income in retirement. Secure Lifetime Income is a SIPP-based guaranteed income solution, aligned and integrated with modern product and adviser operating methodologies. Register for the upcoming session.

Series Introduction and Advice Principles

This session introduces the series by looking at recent regulatory developments and the need for a consistent approach. Get the view of industry experts on the key issues and what you can do to respond. 

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Tuesday 11 August at 10:00 or 14:30

Capacity for Loss and Spending Hierarchy

Helping clients to take a realistic view of their retirement needs is a critical step in creating effective plans. This session includes tips from Rory Percival on how to look at this area objectively.

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Thursday 13 August at 10:00 or 14:30

NEW: Secure Lifetime Income (SLI)

See how this new solution works within your chosen SIPP and operates alongside your chosen investment solutions to enhance the different withdrawal strategies offered to your clients.

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Approaches to Producing the Income 

Various strategies aim to help meet retirement income objectives. This session looks at the main invested and secure options and what to consider with each approach.

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Tuesday 18 August at 10:00 or 14:30

Stress Testing and Scenario Planning

An objective look at how planning tools can help you to construct robust retirement plans and deliver better client outcomes. 

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Thursday 20 August at 10:00 or 14:30

SLI session nugget

Withdrawal Policies 

How to document the variables that could impact a client’s retirement journey. This session also looks at how you can set out alternative paths, should things change along the way.

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Tuesday 25 August at 10:00 or 14:30

The Review Process 

This session distils industry guidance and regulatory requirements to help you design effective client reviews. It also highlights consumer vulnerability and the challenges of later life.

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Thursday 27 August at 10:00 or 14:30