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Income Sustainability




Learning outcomes

1) The need that many of your clients have for guarantees for their income.
2) Strategies to create a solution for sustainable income for differing client needs.
3) Risk and the requirement to maintain an income flow.
4) How to create an individual income plan which may include other benefits.

Watching this video is worth 37 CPD minutes. 

Learning outcomes:

1) The taxation of death benefits from annuities and drawdown

2) The importance of inter-generational financial planning

This video is worth 37 CPD minutes

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Learning outcomes:

1) The long-term care market and costs for clients

2) When to speak to clients about long-term care

This video is worth 48 CPD minutes

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Learning outcomes:

1) The layers of income strands in retirement

2) The necessity to consider tax in different conditions

This video is worth 41 CPD minutes

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Learning outcomes:

1) How to create a drawdown review process

2) How to take account of longevity, mortality and inflation risks

This video is worth 42 CPD minutes

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Learning outcomes:

1) The major changes and elements in pension planning

2) The future issues affecting pensions and savings in the UK

This video is worth 36 CPD mins

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