Care funding

Find our more about our Care Plan, provided by Partnership, and how your clients could use it.

On this page we have a selection of factsheetskey features documents, quote request & application formsbrochures and sales aids.

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Investment vs Immediate Needs Annuity (1312729)
Legal Aspects and Powers of Attorney (1312730)
Regulation and Qualifications (1312731)
Suitability and Recommendations (1312735)
Statistics around Long Term Care (1312736)


Key Features Documents
Immediate Care Plan Key Features Document (LTC1552a)
Immediate and Deferred Care Plan Key Features Document (LTC1552b)
Deferred Care Plan Key Features Document (LTC1552c)


Quote Request & Application Forms
Care Plan Illustration Request Form (LTC1538)
Care Fees Plan Questionnaire - Editable (LTC1258a)
SJP  Care Fees Plan Questionnaire (LTC1258b)
Immediate and Deferred Care Plans Application Form (LTC1539)


Getting Started in Care - Interactive Guide (LTC2797)
Partnership Care Report 2016 (LTC4288)
Funding Care in Old Age (LTC1990)
Care Fees Funding (LTC1215)


Sales Aids
Care Fees Plan Best Practice Document (LTC1147)
State Benefits and Costs of Care: a Summary (LTC1760)
FAQs (LTC0001)
Care Fees Application Process Guide (LTC0002)
Immediate Care Plan Questions and Answers Sales Aids (LTC2801)
Top Reasons to Sell Partnership Immediate Care Plans (LTC2793)
Long Term Care - The Care Cap sales aid (LTC2574)


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