Guaranteed Income for Life

The table below shows our pension annuity solutions, and how your clients can use it to meet their needs.

 Documents marked with this icon can be used directly with customers.


Secure Lifetime Income

Secure Lifetime Income literature
How to offer clients guaranteed income for life in a SIPP? See the suite of Secure Lifetime Income literature to find out more.

Pension Annuity

Value Protection (5386) Our customer sales aid explains the Value Protection option using examples.
Pension Annuity factsheet (3041) Find out more about our pension annuity.
Pension Annuity GIfL Key features (1001) The key features of the pension Guaranteed Income for Life Solution (GIfL) provided by an annuity.
Pension Annuity application form (16076) A full copy of the pension annuity application form.
  Pension Annuity Application form – editable version (1312951) A full copy of the pension annuity application form with editable fields.
Terms of the Just Pension Annuity (729) Download the terms of the Guaranteed Income for Life (GIfL), provided by an annuity.
Standalone Facilitation Agreement (15150)  A standalone copy of the Facilitation Agreement.
Insurance Distribution Directive Information (1313901)
Details of the product oversight and governance process followed by Just in respect of the Just Pension Annuity.