From providing peace of mind with a guaranteed income that can be used either on its own or as part of a blended solution to releasing equity, we can help with your client's at-retirement solution.

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Whether it's background reading, customer facing material or forms that you can use directly with your client to make sure they don't miss any key information, here you'll find the full suite of our product literature.

If you would like direct access to the Retirement Health Form, simply click here.

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How long could your client need an income in retirement for? How much tax might they pay on a lump sum from their pension? How much equity could they release from their home? Our tools can help you delve into the detail and be used to explain more complex issues to clients.

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Following the recent merger between Just Retirement Group plc and Partnership Assurance Group plc, there are changes to the products offered by Just Retirement and Partnership to the intermediary market.

We're here to help you - from supporting you as you navigate your client's requirements to pro-actively managing quotes and helping you breakdown the implications of the latest topics, our experts are ready and waiting.

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