How much does it cost?

All of our Care Plans are individually written, and based on the personal circumstances of each client.

This means that the cost of the each Plan may vary considerably from client to client. For this reason, we strongly recommend that a fully underwritten quote is obtained for every client with a care need.

Please also note that the cost of the Plan will also depend on any product features you select (see the our product features page).

However, in order to provide your client with a broad estimate of the average cost of a Care Plan, we have calculated the average cost of a Care Plan that provides an initial income of £20,000pa at various ages. This has been based on the average health condition of a person entering either a Residential or Nursing Care Home purchasing our Care Plan.

How much will an annual income of £20,000 cost to buy?




Age  Residential Nursing Residential Nursing
75  £140,400 £120,000 £173,500 £144,200
80 £126,200 £112,200 £151,600 £132,400
85  £107,600 £99,000 £125,100 £114,000
90  £87,900 £81,800 £99,000 £91,500
95  £70,900 £66,600 £77,700 £72,600
100 £55,700 £53,100 £60,000 £56,900

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