HUB Financial Solutions - referral service

We understand that there’ll always be clients you can’t help, often a result of clients needing specialist help or the costs being too prohibitive.

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Now there’s something you can do. HUB Referral Solutions is a referral service for financial intermediaries, and is an easy way for you to refer clients to a trusted partner. It’s provided by HUB Financial Solutions, part of Just Group plc.


For clients who don’t fit neatly into your business model, we can help with:


  • Defined benefit advice: advice on their defined benefit pension scheme
  • Equity release advice: unlock some of the equity in their home
  • Retirement income planning: for those with smaller pension pots


If you refer to HUB Financial Solutions, we’ll always keep you updated on your client’s progress and never cross-sell without your permission. We’ll never forget that it’s your client. And for every completed case, or defined benefit clients which proceed to full advice, you’ll receive an introducer fee.


Ready to refer now? Just click the ‘refer now’ button to complete your referral form.


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  • Support a wider range of clients
  • Retain ownership of your clients
  • Ensure your clients access specialist advice
  • Stay informed about your clients’ progress
  • Potential to earn introducer fees

Defined benefit advice

For clients who need advice on their defined benefit pension scheme.

Equity Release Advice

For clients who want to unlock some of the equity in their home.

Retirement Income planning

For clients looking for income in retirement.