Retirement income calculators

Clients today have a variety of choices and factors to consider when deciding how and when to finance an income in retirement.

We’ve developed these calculators to help you design the most appropriate solutions for your clients as you advise them throughout their retirement journey.

The results produced by the tools are indicative only.

Budget planner

A handy tool to help demonstrate client income, expenditure and any potential gaps. 

Critical yield

Calculate a more accurate critical yield for your client.

Drawdown risk

Model the probability of your client’s income lasting for their lifetime.

Drawdown toolkit

Instant access to online resources that are designed to provide ongoing support when reviewing drawdown business with your clients.


How long might your client live – and therefore need an income for?

Pensions deferral

What impact could a delay in purchasing a Guaranteed Income for Life (GIfL) solution have?

Pension taxation

Examine the potential tax liability of releasing cash lump sums from your client's pension.

Quick income builder

Overlay all of your client’s income sources in one view – how does this affect their retirement plans?