Do you have clients approaching or in-retirement using drawdown SIPP portfolios? Would you like to explore how a new asset class could improve the outcomes you deliver for these clients?

We’ve started sharing independent research and analysis with professional investment managers and advisers and it's starting to turn a few heads. They hadn’t expected to see the positive impact on their clients’ drawdown SIPP investment portfolios. We’d love to show you the results.

Book a consultation to discuss how you could blend this new fixed income asset class inside your clients' drawdown SIPP investment portfolios.

Portfolio Construction

Fancy a taster? View our infographic to see how our new asset class can improve the success of your clients' drawdown SIPP retirement portfolios.

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Webinar series

Grab a coffee and tune into three unmissable episodes covering the challenges of using 60:40 investment models with retirement income clients.

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Rethinking guaranteed income as an asset class

Abraham Okusanya, CEO of Timeline and Peter Ellis, Secure Lifetime Income Director, Just, have a wide-ranging discussion rethinking guaranteed income as an asset class in retirement portfolios.

Duration: 32.58

00:00 Rethinking guaranteed income as an asset class
12:56 Creating more sustainable portfolios
21:47 The "alternative asset" debate
25:28 Modelling guaranteed income alongside investment assets

Drawdown, risk adjusted returns and the FCA review

The Lang Cat's Tom McPhail and Peter Ellis, Secure Lifetime Income Director, Just, rethink blending 60:40 drawdown portfolios with a new asset, risk adjusted returns and the FCA's latest review.

Duration: 38.23

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