Explore how a new asset class could improve the outcomes you deliver for at or in-retirement clients.

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Grab a coffee and tune into three unmissable episodes of 'Retirement portfolios - time for a more sustainable approach?'.

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Abraham Okusanya, CEO of Timeline and Peter Ellis, Secure Lifetime Income Director, Just, discuss rethinking guaranteed income as a new asset class.

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Our Pension Annuity is designed to give your clients an income which is guaranteed for as long as they live. 

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Designed to help you identify the most appropriate solutions for your clients as you advise them throughout their retirement journey.

How long could they need an income in retirement for? How much tax might they pay on a lump sum from their pension?

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We've worked with SOLLA to update the vulnerability online training module.

It's free, interactive and includes new sections reflecting recent FCA publications, cognitive decline and the impact of coronavirus. 

Use it to benchmark and boost your knowledge.

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The tenth edition of a research series dating back to 2012 that sheds light on how the over-45s think and feel about later life social care.

This year we investigated the impacts of care planning. Read the report.

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With Just For You Lifetime Mortgage medical underwriting, six in 10 people could borrow more, or get a better interest rate to reduce their borrowing costs.

And you can deliver a personalised, tailored solution to every client.

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Our tools can help you design personalised lifetime mortgage solutions that match clients' needs.

How much money could your client release from their property and what options might suit them?

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