Budget planner

Helping your clients identify income sources and expected outgoings during retirement means they can determine their monthly minimum income need.

Our retirement budget planner allows your clients to see their expected income, monthly expenses and identify any surplus or shortfall.

Using the tool

  • Choose the expenditure profile to match your clients circumstances or create a custom one.
  • Add their income sources eg: State Pension or any other pensions payable, investment income, buy-to-let income or sources of earned income. You can either enter the total amount, or add them individually by clicking ‘Edit’.
  • Next, add their total outgoings and indicate if it’s an essential or non-essential cost. You can either enter the total amount, or add them individually by clicking ‘Edit’.

    Planner outputs

    In addition to identifying any income surplus or shortfall, it also gives an indication of your clients chances of living to certain ages based on their assessment of their health. This will help them with their retirement income planning.

    You can print the output of this planner and share it with your clients.

    To find out more, please contact us here.

    What next?

    Once your client has a better understanding of their personal minimum income requirement, they can consider their options for generating income in retirement.

    We offer a range of tools and calculators to help them make decisions:

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