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Verona Kenny, Managing Director, Intermediary, 7IM

Verona Kenny talks about exciting times for platforms in the retirement space and why they are partnering with Just to provide Secure Lifetime Income.

Duration: 1:20


Participants: Martin Lines, Business Development Director at Just and Rory Percival, consultant and former FCA technical specialist.

Capacity for loss vs Attitude to risk

Duration: 0.59 


Capacity for loss from a client's perspective 

Duration:  0.51



Is capacity for loss just about the essential costs?

Duration:  0.38



Why is capacity for loss more important in retirement?

Duration:  0.48



How has the consideration of capacity for loss improved?

Duration:  0.50


Minimum Income Requirement - time to make it personal? 

Duration:  0.45



What if capacity for loss cannot be met?

Duration:  1.28


Capacity for loss - asking the right questions

Duration:  2.33


Why is a CRP so important?

Duration:  1.00

Consumer vulnerability - developing a framework that works for your clients and firm

Participants: James Dingwall, CEO at Thistle Initiatives, Antony Gore, Head of Marketing Services and Intermediary Marketing at Just, and Martin Lines, Business Development Director at Just.

Duration: 12:46

See how Johnston Carmichael Wealth reviewed their retirement advice proposition

Participants: Craig Hendry, Managing Director of Johnston Carmichael Wealth.

Duration: 2:18

Pension freedoms gave people more financial flexibility, but more choice can lead to more confusion. We’ve been working with the Personal Finance Society to explore our innovative solution for changing expectations of retirement. Find out more about Secure Lifetime Income.

Duration: 5:23