The Just Adviser portal offers a more convenient way of working:

Instant KFI generation

  • Get instant KFIs across the Just For You Lifetime Mortgage including medically underwritten.
  • Convenience of producing your KFIs, 24/7.

Online application submission

  • Complete a Just For You Lifetime Mortgage application form online and submit it electronically, anytime, anywhere.
  • Quicker and easier as you no longer need to scan all the paperwork and send it via email.

Role management

  • Support staff, or paraplanners, who are registered on the portal, can produce KFIs or submit applications on your behalf.
  • Firms could speed up their application process as not reliant on advisers submitting the application.

Case tracking

  • See how your cases are progressing.
  • Give clients real time updates on the progress of their application.
  • Get updates when you want them without needing to contact Just staff.

Cash back feature

  • Easier to calculate the best cashback/loan combination to generate the client’s funds required.
  • Get the best Just For You Lifetime Mortgage deal for your client in real time.
  • It's especially powerful when combined with medical underwriting.

This development follows the addition of similar functionality to sourcing systems and is the latest step in our progress towards a new digital journey for lifetime mortgages.

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