Lifetime mortgage decisions Made easier

Our interactive tool is designed to help you decide whether a lifetime mortgage is an option for your client and what type of product features may best suit their needs.

It takes you through a series of questions to help you understand if your client is eligible for a lifetime mortgage, if it's the right option for them, and if so, how may they benefit from it.

Just have a range of lifetime mortgage product options which enable you to offer your clients: 

  • Flexible solutions to meet more client needs.
  • Personalised advice.
  • Client's who choose to pay 25.01% or more of the monthly interest amount can benefit from a reduction to the roll-up interest rate of 40bps.
  • We estimate six in 10 clients could benefit from either borrowing more or a reduced interest rate from a medically underwritten Just For You Lifetime Mortgage.
  • Award-winning support, events and webinars to help you grow and develop your business.

Click the 'Start now' button below to use the tool. Or, you can download a free PDF version by clicking here.



Download a free PDF version of this tool here.