Underwriting and lifetime mortgages

Six in 10 of your clients could qualify for a better outcome with medical underwriting*. That's because it enables you to offer them a lifetime mortgage solution that's personalised to them, their health and circumstances.

If your client has a medical condition or lifestyle that impacts their health, their life expectancy could be less than the average for their age, so they may be able to borrow more, or get a lower interest rate.

Our underwriting questions are aligned to the other questions in your fact find. We've made them as easy to answer as possible and you don't need to be a medical specialist to answer them.

By providing your client's health and lifestyle information, they could qualify for enhanced terms and it can help you respond to the FCA's challenge to demonstrate improved personalisation of advice.

Take a look at our client scenarios to see how the medically enhanced Just For You Lifetime Mortgage could benefit your clients.

Every Just For You Lifetime Mortgage is different. Our medical underwriting helps us to identify where a client may have a shorter life expectancy, and this enables you to offer them a better deal.

Learn more about the most common medically underwritten conditions and see more examples of client benefits. 

*Just Group analysis from proprietary database of circa 2 million person years