Care funding plan

We’ve known about the ageing population in the UK for many decades. As families have spread geographically, and community and state support has reduced, more responsibility is being placed on the individual to look after themselves in later life. This provides you with an opportunity to help your clients ensure they identify the best way of funding the potential costs of their future care.

By providing financial certainty, and coupled with the right advice, care funding plans can have a major role to play in reducing the worries that older people and their families may face. In exchange for a one-off payment, our Care Plans provide an income for life. This can help safeguard your clients against running out of money and, importantly, not being able to afford to pay for their care needs in the future.

Our Care Plans

Regular income payments to help your client pay their care fees

How much does it cost?

All our Care Plans are individually underwritten, and based on personal circumstances of each client

Benefits and risks

As with all financial products, there are some risks and benefits associated with our Care Plans

Product features

A comparison of our two solutions to funding long-term care

Income payment options

Clients may choose for income to be paid monthly or 4 weekly

Escalation options

Like the price of all goods, the cost of care fees can increase over time due to inflation

Death benefit options

Options to help safeguard some of the original investment


What happens once the cancellation period of the Care Plan has expired?

Taxation of Benefit Payments

Will the income be tax-free or not?

Indicative quotes

An indicative quote could illustrate to your client how much a Care Plan could cost

Underwritten quotes

How to obtain a fully underwritten quote for your client

Accepting quotes

Once you have received the quote, what happens next?

Sales aids

Information to help both you and your clients.  

Product literature

Useful documents for you and your clients.