Our medical underwriting expertise

Medical underwriting is the process of using clients' medical or health information to better assess their anticipated life expectancy. Our detailed and thorough understanding of this information means that we're able to identify all the conditions, illnesses and lifestyle factors that could impact a client's life expectancy, and therefore provide a more accurate assessment of longevity than a standard (non-medical) process.

Our process aims to collect the maximum relevant information with minimal disruption, via methods such as:

  • health questionnaires
  • telephone
  • and via a General Practitioner's report.

We have underwriting expertise in-house, with processes and collateral which enable us to effectively collect and manage the lifestyle and medical histories of clients.

And the rest of our team have a deep understanding of the benefits and mechanics of medical underwriting.

To understand how our approach to underwriting impacts the products and services we offer, why not take a look below:

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