How effective is your vulnerability policy?

We help firms develop vulnerability policies that are bespoke, appropriate and effective.

A key part of this is assessing the effectiveness of current activity and helping to identify potential areas for improvement. 

We’ve identified 64 questions that help assess vulnerable client activity within advisory firms, from a variety of perspectives, and identify any potential areas of improvement.

The questions are based on our own experience of assessing vulnerability and helping advisory firms review their processes in this area. They’re grouped into sections aligned to the four key areas identified by the FCA:

  1. Understanding vulnerability
    - Policy and approach

  2.  The skills and capability of staff
    - Training our teams and recognising vulnerability

  3. Taking practical action
    - Effective client communication

  4. Monitoring and evaluation
    - Systems, processes and reporting


In addition to helping you assess the effectiveness of current vulnerability activity, we can help you keep it relevant for example:

  • Team training sessions on identifying, supporting and recording a wide range of vulnerabilities consistently

  • Dementia Friends sessions

  • Awareness training on behavioural biases

  • Dedicated telephone support

To find out more about this process and to discuss a free consultation, please contact your Account Manager or email us.