Market insight

From far-reaching reforms to customer vulnerability, we’ve brought together research papers from Just and external experts to help support your understanding of the retirement income market, and the challenges those operating in it face.

Older annuity buyers have most to lose by not shopping around

Gap between the best and worst annuity rates increases with age. Retirees waiting until later in life to buy annuities are at most risk of missing out on extra lifetime income by failing to shop around for the best deal. Read this report to find out more. 

Gen X spending equivalent of full State Pension on care for elderly relatives

One in 10 (11%) of Generation X are financially supporting elderly relatives with care costs. Paying an average of £237.50 a week – equivalent to £12,350 a year or more than a full new State Pension. Majority of Generation X say these caring duties are making them feel poorer (54%) and tired (53%). Find out more

Research shows why retirement income suitability assessments are leading to sub-optimal outcomes

Catch ground-breaking insight from Oxford Risk’s white paper, ‘Guaranteed income and investment risk: How much of each?’. Dr Greg Davies, Oxford Risk’s Head of Behavioural Finance, and Just Group's Head of Secure Lifetime Income, Stuart Slegg, delve into topics like the complex risks clients face in decumulation and why traditional retirement income suitability assessments fail to fully take account of these risks. Watch the video.

But what if I get hit by the proverbial bus? How retirees can guarantee full payback from their annuity

Ensure your annuity pays out more than it cost to buy for the cost of a weekly coffee. Value protection option guarantees 100% of cash spent on annuity is paid back. Find out more

Eight out of 10 pensioner homeowners entitled to benefits are failing to claim, missing out on an average £1,231 a year per household

Just Group urges cash-strapped retirees to double-check their eligibility for State benefits. Retirement specialist’s annual insight report finds 79% eligible for benefits are failing to claim. A further 9% who are claiming are not receiving their full entitlement, missing £476 a year on average. Find out more

Dependence on capital growth mindset when advising income-seeking retirees risks triggering suitability alarm bells

NextWealth report reveals slow adoption of retirement-specific adviser tools and processes. Read this report to find out more. 

Care report 2023 - No Policy. No planning.

This is the 11th edition of our in-depth research series that sheds light on how the over-45s think and feel about adult social care. Read this report to find out more.