Immediate and Deferred Care Plans


Types of quote

There are two types of quote:

  • Indicative - shows the potential cost of a care plan for your client, but it isn't guaranteed. They're based on limited medical underwriting so aren't binding.
  • Fully underwritten - shows the precise cost of a care plan for your client. Ours are guaranteed for 30 days. These quotes can take time to produce because they rely on medical evidence.

Requesting an indicative quote

Please use this editable form to request an indicative quote. No signature is needed and the form can be completed online, then saved and emailed to If you have any queries, please call us on 0333 043 7040 (option 2).

We strongly recommend getting a fully underwritten quote for every client with a care need, as the final price may differ significantly from the indicative quote.

Requesting an underwritten quote

To get a fully underwritten quote, clients need to complete a Care Fees Plan Questionnaire. The same form is used by all care plan providers, so only needs to be completed once.

Please send the completed form to Medicals Direct Group (MDG) at or by post to:
Premiere House
5th Floor Elstree Way

MDG will then obtain medical reports and send them to each provider you’d like a quote from.

When we receive the medical reports, we’ll underwrite the case and send the quotes directly to you. Our underwritten quotes are guaranteed for 30 days, giving you time to discuss with your clients whether they wish to proceed.

If you require a re-quote, we won’t normally require any further medical information for six months.

Accepting quotes

If a client wishes to buy our care plan, we’ll need the payment to be sent to us, along with the following documents:

  • The acceptance section of the relevant quote, signed by the client or their legal representative
  • Signed Adviser Charge Facilitation Agreement (section 6 of the Care Fees Plan Questionnaire)
  • Anti-Money Laundering, Verification of Identity (VOI) certificates on all parties
  • Appropriate Powers of Attorney
  • Adviser Terms of Business Agreement (only required for the first case you submit)
  • Signed Care Provider Declaration.*

Once the policy’s set up, we‘ll issue the policy documents, cancellation notice and key features document to the client, or their legal representative, with a copy to you. We’ll also send confirmation of the payment details to the client’s registered care provider.*

*For Deferred Care Plans we’ll write to your client three months before the end of their deferred period to ask for details of their registered care provider. It’s at this point that we’ll require the Signed Care Provider Declaration and send confirmation of payment details to the registered care provider.