Property: One asset, many uses

More people are now looking beyond pension funds and investments to fund their retirement.

Treating property as an asset class and unlocking its wealth could help make clients’ retirement goals more achievable.

Lifetime mortgages can be a solution for a variety of financial needs:

Gifting an early inheritance

By leaving a ‘living inheritance’ to their loved ones, clients can experience the positive impact it has on their family and friends’ lives.

Read Christopher Spencer’s story to see how it helped him provide an early gift to his children, whilst protecting his inheritance value.

Potential financial lifeline

With the rising cost of living, the funds could be used to support day-to-day living or to help family members.

Clearing an existing mortgage or consolidating outstanding debts

Releasing cash from their property could help clients to clear their outstanding debts, so they can enjoy their later life with less financial stress.

Learn more about how lifetime mortgage options can help manage the build-up of debt here.

Releasing the financial squeeze on the ‘sandwich generation’

Clients could use the cash unlocked from their property to ease the burden of providing financial support to their children and elderly parents.

Boosting retirement income when fund values fall

Taking money from investment funds when values are fluctuating can expose a client to sequencing risk. Unlocking a property’s equity instead could provide the money required, until investment markets recover or a new strategy is adopted.