Interest serviced calculator

Help your clients decide whether it's appropriate to make monthly payments and assess their affordability. If your clients have monthly surplus income, you can use this calculator to demonstrate why servicing interest personalises your advice to offer the right outcome for them. Some people consider making interest payments because:

  • it can reduce the impact of interest and reduce the overall cost of borrowing
  • making interest payments could increase the amount a client could borrow as a further advance should they wish to take one in the future
  • clients can stop making payments and return to a full roll-up lifetime mortgage at any time

See our ‘At a glance’ for more information on the reductions available.
This tool provides an indicative figure only, and does not constitute an illustration. If borrowing jointly, the amount available may be lower than indicated.
You should be aware that lifetime mortgages will reduce the value of your client's estate and may affect their entitlement to state benefits.