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With so many products and options, the lifetime mortgage market can be overwhelming. But with a Just For You Lifetime Mortgage, the choice is simple.

By combining medical underwriting with a flexible choice of options, it’s never been easier to design personalised solutions unique to every client.

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Deliver better outcomes for your clients

With a Just For You Lifetime Mortgage your clients could borrow more or reduce their borrowing costs. Explore the below to learn how:

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See how medical underwriting could give your clients a
better outcome.

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See how cashback could help clients boost their funds
or borrow less.

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See how interest servicing could help clients manage borrowing
their effectively.

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See how clients with energy efficient homes could benefit from the Just For You Lifetime Mortgage green mortgage discount feature.

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Medical underwriting myths

There are many myths around medical underwriting that can prevent your clients from getting a better deal. Separate the fact from the fiction with our mythbusting guide here.


The latest in later life borrowing

Learn how the latest developments in lifetime mortgages are creating exciting growth potential and helping advisers offer their clients more personalised solutions. Read the article here.

six in 10 clients could benefit

See how your clients could benefit from medical underwriting.

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Medical underwriting has never been easier

See how easy it is to incorporate into your advice process.

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