Lifetime Mortgages

Lifetime mortgage clients’ needs can be placed in four broad categories:

  • Aspirational – using the wealth released from their property to make later life more comfortable such as funding their dream holidays, home improvements or other projects.
  • Future planning – leaving a ‘living inheritance’ to their loved ones or planning their estate.
  • Refinancing – clearing existing mortgage or other debts. Although lifetime mortgages can be used to repay existing debts, this may end up costing the clients more in the long term.
  • Family financial support – Easing the financial burden of those in the sandwich generation and helping family members who are financially impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

The flexibility and many options of the Just For You Lifetime Mortgage allow you to tailor the right solutions to match your clients’ needs.

Whatever their requirements, this proposition could be the solution they’re looking for.

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Just For You Lifetime Mortgage

Personalising solutions is easier with more options and flexibility.

Property:One asset, many uses

Unlocking property wealth can help clients in later life meet a variety of needs.

Managing the build-up of debt

Find out how the flexibility of the Just For You Lifetime Lifetime Mortgage could help clients manage the build-up of debt.

Get your clients a better LTV?

See how clients could access more funds with our Just For You Lifetime Mortgage options.

Green Lifetime Mortgage Feature

With this innovative green feature, clients can get a lower interest rate if their property has an EPC rating of B or above.


See if this option could help clients access more funds, or reduce the impact of borrowing.

The Equity Release Council

Promoting safe equity release schemes and safeguarding the interests of homeowners.

New to Lifetime Mortgages?

If you want to know more about the lifetime mortgage opportunity.

Lifetime Mortgage decisions made easier

Check if a lifetime mortgage is an option for your client, and which benefits might be the most appropriate.