Offering flexibility and a variety of options to help you design personalised solutions for each client, a need highlighted by the FCA’s review of equity release sales and advice process.

Managing build-up of debt

  • Servicing interest

Clients with surplus income every month could benefit from interest servicing and a potential reduction to the roll-up interest rate.

  • Paying up to 10% advance ERC-free each year

Or, clients choosing not to service monthly interest can pay up to 10% of each advance in every 12 month policy period without incurring any Early Repayment Charges (ERC).

  • Using cashback to borrow less

Our cashback can help clients reduce the loan amount needed (and so the LTV), which could mean a lower interest rate.

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Getting a better LTV

Clients wanting to maximise their borrowing could qualify for a higher loan to value (LTV), based on their health and lifestyle.

Or, they could use our J6 LTV series to access one of the highest releases in the market without medical underwriting.

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Maximising funds available

Clients wanting to access as much money as possible may be interested in our flexible cashback options, paid in addition to the LTV.

Alternatively, cashback can be used to reduce the size of loan required.

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Comparison of features between interest roll-up and interest serviced

Flexibility and choice for your customers


Interest roll-up

Interest serviced

A tax-free lump sum Yes - minimum loan £10,000 Yes - minimum loan £20,000
Drawdown available Yes Yes
Cash facility option Yes Yes
No Negative Equity Guarantee Yes Yes
No affordability checks Yes Yes
LTV ranges Yes - see our 'At a glance' guide for current LTVs. Yes - see our 'At a glance' guide for current LTVs.
Option to make
partial repayments
Yes Yes - however an ERC may be applicable. The ERC free feature for partial repayments doesn't apply.
Pay some or all of the interest by monthly direct debit No Yes
Compound interest Yes - the impact of this will be reduced by making partial repayments.

Yes - the impact of this could be reduced by paying some or all of the monthly interest.

Payment holidays N/A Yes - one request up to three consecutive months in each policy year.
Stop making interest
at any time
N/A Yes, if this happens the loan switches to a roll-up basis.
Minimum age at application (youngest borrower) 55 55 (65 for J6)
Maximum age at
application (youngest borrower)
None None
Minimum property

£70,000 - see our Acceptable Properties Guides for Full Valuations and Desktop Valuations

£70,000 - see our Acceptable Properties Guides for Full Valuations and Desktop Valuations
Maximum loan/facility

England: £800,000
Wales and Scotland: £800,000
Northern Ireland (for J1 and J2): £250,000